Summoners War Ver. 5.1.4 MOD Menu APK | God Mode | Always Your Turn | Instant Win | Damage | & more

Summoners War Hack 2020 <- Open

Summoners War v5.1.4 MOD Menu APK FREE DOWNLOAD
Needs root?: No =)
Needs OBB?: No =)
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*What do the MODs?*

– Original Game but bypassed [can be installed over the mod to play legit again].
– Cheat Popup Bypassed

Free MOD
– One Hit without high Damage
– Low HP
– High Speed (Always First Turn)
– Cheat Popup Bypassed

Free MOD
1. Instant Win
2. Easy Win
3. Low HP
4. Extreme Speed (Always First Turn)
5. MOD Variation depending on team mates
6. Cheat Popup Bypassed

– Don’t use monster with skills where the damage depends on speed
– Everything is shared, the best way is to take a monster with AOE Damage as leader.
– In Arena you maybe loose.

– Arena needs trick! (in the video)
– Faimon Boss is protected, you need to wait 4 minutes to beat him or use friend monster!
– Choose one teammate for instant win
– Choose full team for 1vs1 fight, you will have always first turn + one hit.
– If you choose 1vs1 all choosen teammates still get EXP.


1. MOD Menu!
2. God Mode (Enemies do 10 damage)
3. One Hit Kill (not every hit kills but 80%)
4. Always your turn [Enemies forget the attack]
5. Instant Win (optional)
6. MOD Variation depending on team mates
Choose 1 Monster for Instant Win and full team for 1v1
7. Enemies Low HP (shared)
8. Extreme Speed (Always First Turn) [shared]
9. 3.600 Damage (shared)
10. Cheat Popup Bypassed

NOTE 1: The MOD Menu needs storage + overlay permission to run on Android 6+, otherwise it will crash.
If you don’t know how to activate, check the description of this
VIP – Another Eden MOD Menu APK | God Mode | High Damage |

NOTE 2: Some features are marked with “shared”, that means the enemy gets same bonus. Those cheats must be combined with other cheats in the MOD Menu, for Damage + AlwaysYourTurn

NOTE 3: To close the menu, click the at the top.

NOTE 4: If you see the menu icon double, force close the game. App Info – Force Stop. The menu didn’t closed correctly on last use.

– Faimon Boss is protected, you need to wait 4 minutes to beat him or use friend monster!
– Watch at the end how to make realistic times.



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Fair This non-profit video (no ads – no payment) is made for educational purposes and criticize the security of the shown game. Hopely the developer use this video to make the game safer for a fair play.
You are the developer? You want me to remove this video? Contact me under [email protected] =)

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Summoners War – Mod Apk // New Cheats 2019 !

Short Description without any point (dont care):

Some games don’t do favors, do they? Summoner Wars can also be called Generic
Nerd Game, and this is a real pity – all imagination and skills are in the
product, not in the presentation. I say this not for mockery, but because
I always support games of this kind – and there is a general lack of interest
In the Summoner Wars pub.

The idea that two summoners fit is of course exciting, and Summoner Wars is
not just an original shot, but extremely adaptable and varied – it is worth
noting that it is based on a board game. Designed for two players and built
on a grid-based battlefield; alternately you call the creature, move it and
attack it. Summoners are also present and everyone has a role; some wanted to
enter into action and destroy minions while others rely on suspending themselves
as surveillance.

HeroQuest veterans may notice some similarities in how games are played, but
Summoner Wars doesn’t work like any predecessor. Revenue is divided into different
phases; you build spells, summon creatures and then move them and attack them.
But the real power of the Summoner Wars is how different armies are – abilities
are asymmetric, so you can end up with an army that is based on insidious attacks
against an army that can remotely stop enemies. I have a little love for the undead
destiny, a fallen kingdom that summoner is able to sacrifice health to reduce the
cost of super-powered creatures, as well as “resurrected” dead units. The capabilities
of each army are not just a small addition, but the basis of their game, informing
every decision.
Also worth mentioning is the business model because it is an army. Summoner Wars is
a free download and lets you play with Phoenix Elves offline; buying one army unlock
the online mode, or you can pick up and buy a lot for about five.



Summoners War – Mod Apk // New Cheats 2019 !

Summoners War Hack 2020 <- Open