Summoners War How to farm Crystals Tips and tricks

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How to get Crystals, GamingBantz-style… Read description for the full tip guide in text format! ~music by GamingBantz~

Tip 1: Crystal Golem costs 300 crystals but gets you a daily income of gems like the Crystal Mine. It takes 3-6 months to make back what it’s worth, though.

Tip 2: Go through achievements. Clear each scenario on all difficulties.

Tip 3: For clearing each stage in the dungeons -for the first time- gets you +5 gems!

Tip 4: Every single stage on the game, every arena and every scenario or mission can drop gems when you kill a monster. So, good energy management means more farming.

Tip 5: Always do your daily wishes! Gems are quite a common reward.

Tip 6: Always look at the events page, gems are a very frequent reward for participation!

Tip 7: Always do the daily challenges! If you do them every day in a week, it gets you 10 gems a day which is 70 gems for free!

Tip 8: Defeat your rivals when they are available which adds up very fast with the dailies.

Tip 9: Every week, the arena gives out a reward the higher you are. Just before the reset comes there is a 2 hour period where you can’t lose arena points. This is a good time to raise your rank without being attacked back.

Tip 10: Inviting friends to Summoners War will gain you crystals! 10 invites = 50 crystals, 30 invites = 100 crystals but you can only do 20 invites a day! (Thanks to user Switch2708 for the reminder!)

Tip 11: Every 5th floor of the Trials of Ascension gets you +5 gems to start with and increases as you go higher. Gems is also a boss reward quite high up the Trials. (Thanks to Jay Gz for the reminder!)

Tip 12: Every day you log in, you get a mark and a reward. On the last day of every row but the last will get you some gems!

Tip 13: Android users can collect free gems by installing other Com2US games, find this in the shop where you can buy crystals.

Summoners War Hack 2020 <- Open