Summoners War Freebies Get 100 Crystals 50 Energy and 1 Mystical Scroll

Summoners War Hack 2020 <- Open

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Hello! Here’s a video tutorial on how you can get a coupon code and get some free items!! Just follow the video and poof! it became coco crunch! Hahah just kidding just follow the video and you’ll get your coupon code in no time! This is 100% legit but only on android tho because the korean app is only available on google playstore BUUUUUUUT….. do this soon after you watch this video because the codes are only limited to a certain amount so if there’s no code that will show on you or the “notepad/note” icon did not show on you it means that they’re out of codes already but don’t be sad because it refreshes everyday (I don’t know until when so do it asap!) just try again in an hour, or the next morning and so on….. so good luck! I hope you get yours! If not, I still have some codes on me I’ll give some when I feel like it hehehe

Here’s the complete written instructions I saw this on reddit ( ) so yeah credits to whoever senpai made this haha

COPY THESE KOREAN WORDS if you don’t know how to write them haha!

Search this app on Google 모비
Search this Summoners War Offers on the 2nd Tab of the 모비 (Mobi) 서머너즈 워

010 PLUS ANY 8 DIGIT NUMBERS (E.G. 01045269856, 01028654896, 01023421865)

Happy Summoning! 🙂
Feel free to drop some comments if you have any questions xx

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Summoners War Hack 2020 <- Open