Summoners War Fastest Way To Get Mana + Fami Giveaway Tips and tricks

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First beginner tip, kicked off with a Fami giveaway. How to Grind and Farm Mana. Watch the video for rules! Also, read the description for the techniques fully described!

{C+ Rank Tutorial}

1. You start with one mana production building and eventually build two more.
2.a. Hit the Arena!
2.b. Upgrade the mana production and storage with Glory points earned from Arena.
2.c. Upgrade the energy production and storage with Glory points.
3. Use all your energy to hit 3 locations for mana, all having their own

Faimon Volcano (Hell difficulty): Easy to defeat, Big XP gains, 2k Mana Crystals+ and 3-4* Runes to sell for mana. Costs 5 energy.

Secret Dungeon (2* Monster): The more monsters you kill in a secret dungeon, the more mana you gain. There is no difference between mana gain between a 2* and 3* SD (secret dungeon) but there is a difference in energy (3 vs 5 energy), so 2* Dungeons = more runs. This tip also allows you to spend all your energy if you are about to level up because it does -not- gain Account XP.

Giant’s Keep (B6+): Balance the chance of getting a good rune and the amount of energy spent whilst selling the bad runes for cash (the higher the star rune, the more mana you will get).


Thanks for watching, recording, editing and music by Gamingbantz.

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