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Summoners War Hack 2020 <- Open

Game Summoners War Mod Hack
New Update July 5, 2020

MOD Info?

Bypass Version?
– Original Game but bypassed [can be installed over the mod to play legit again].
– Cheat Popup Bypassed

– One Hit without high Damage
– Low HP
– High Speed (Always First Turn)
– Cheat Detection Popup Bypassed

1. Instant Win
2. Easy Win
3. Low HP
4. Extreme Speed (Always First Turn)
5. MOD Variation depending on team mates
6. Cheat Detection Popup Bypassed

– Don’t use monster with skills where the damage depends on speed
– Everything is shared, the best way is to take a monster with AOE Damage as leader.
– In Arena you maybe loose.

– Arena needs trick! (in the video)
– Faimon Boss is protected, you need to wait 4 minutes to beat him or use friend monster!
– Choose one teammate for instant win
– Choose full team for 1vs1 fight, you will have always first turn + one hit.
– If you choose 1vs1 all choosen teammates still get EXP.
– Watch at the end how to make realistic times.

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Summoners War Hack 2020 <- Open